Thursday, 19 August 2010

Back on the water

Hi everyone, spent 5 weeks back on land mainly at the nursing home then sorting the funeral..Lovely to be back and may i say how understanding BW were. I emailed them as the boat had been at Chirk for 3 weeks and i was worried but they said it wasn't a problem.
When we got back we spent another week at Chirk as we still had running around to do but on Saturday 14th we moved to bridge 6 near The Narrowboat Inn and today the 18th we set off again and at this moment are moored above the locks at Frankton waiting to go down at lunch time tomorrow...
May i say we felt the fuel at Chirk marina was a little expensive as they used an average price... We also found that in the Chirk area other boaters mainly hirers but some not, were very fast passing us to the point that we couldn't wait to was quite was rare for a boat to slow down. We didn't shout once, that took some restraint...
Anyway, I am getting back into everything in the slow and restful world of boating again...a few legal things to sort out, house buying for rentals etc but all that should be out of the way
One other thing..never had as many visitors in my life, proper little hostess i am these days...LOL