Sunday, 2 December 2012

Lots Happening...

Well, I am still having problems getting pictures on from my iPad, even though it worked for me last time....
Anyway, after travelling through to liverpool one of our original thoughts came back and changed our lives. MILLIMAIZE  NARROWBOAT HAS BEEN SOLD! And in her place a widebeam is being built.
We are so excited having been restricted by our 65' length we aren't concerned about our 12ft width which will give us more privacy with us having a young boy who is now 15 1/2 yrs now.
She should be ready just before or just after Xmas and we are beyond ourselves if just a tad fed up in the caravan...anyway I was hoping to get pictures of the build on here and I will keep trying..promise

Monday, 15 October 2012

Hi everyone, after our 2 weeks in liverpool we have been enjoying the Leeds Liverpool Canal. Its been a busy time too as my sons league 2 team Crewe Alex reached the playoffs yippee.... Not only that, they won there games and tomorrow 27th May 2012 they play at Wembley stadium in the final. You may not know crewe alex but the team has 9out of the 11 players from their own academy with most having been there for over 10 years and still only 21/22. There are a couple only 18 and 17 and my son at Aew is one of the experienced players with over 100 games under his belt. They have been called a bunch of kids but on a 18 game unbeaten run I think they can be reckoned as men in their game. Well were off to Wembley tomorrow and coming home jubilant. !
Oh my, I have finally discovered how to upload pictures from my iPad to here...
I have missed blogging but just boring text was not going inspire anyone to read!
Lots has happened and lots is happening but before that can I share with you my sons Wembley trip and a few pictures from the summer......The first picture is of our good friends Dot & Colin on their boat Ascot, we spent the summer of 2012 with them. Can I apologise for the pike appearing 3times!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

WEMBLEY here we come...

Sorry I havn't been blogging but it's been a busy month....we have been cruising along the Leeds Liverpool canal whilst supporting my sons football team. He plays for Crewe Alex and they reached the league 2playoffs so we have been very stressed watching those matches but low and behold they won their leg and were off to Wembley tomorrow 27th May 2012 for the final against Cheltenham.. If you don't know Crewe then let me tell you how awesome they have been since a change of management...18 games unbeaten, called a team of kids but surely now even though a very young team they must be viewed men on the field. Out of 11 of the team 9 are from Crewes own Academy, the most ever in the first team...and what talent. The youngest in the squad is 17 and yes he scored the winner to get through to the finals the rest are 19, 20,21,22 with a couple touching 24 and 29... They have been amazing and just hoping to make it 19 unbeaten and up to league 1 . If you read this and can watch my sons name is Matt Tootle and he is No 2 could be playing left back, right bac, left wing, left mid. His actual position has been right back but lately been playing left back and now left wing...COME ON YOU REDS !

Friday, 27 April 2012

Left the docks...happy for the rest

Well I have had no tIme to post anything with 3 lots of visitors a day it's been near on impossible! It has been such hard work being in the docks....I shall not put our next visit on Facebook. There have been the invited family and friends but also a stream of friends who arranged for one day and then turned up on spec 2 days early... Tim and I actually did nothing that we intended to do, oh sorry we got half an hour in the new museum after visitors one day then they said they were closing.... I know I am moaning but I shouldn't as we still had a great time and have already booked our's a secret!! Haaa....that's not a joke by the way!!!!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Liverpool ....WOWZA'S

Well may I firstly apologise for not keeping you all up to date......basically from Burscough we went to Halsall, then Lydiate. Spent one night there then travelled down to bridge 9 where we would meet BW men the next morning.. Sid, Mr BW arrived and got us on our way and met us at Litherland where we emptied our leans befor continuing on our journey. I must say that the whole trip has been wonderful with only one downside, litter in the canal from M57 area. Having spoken to Sid and his happy chappies about it they say as quick as they clear it, it's's only a problem when it builds up at the front of the boat and makes you thing you have something on your rudder!!,! That sounds awful but it really isn't... We met Sid and some volunteers at the Stanley flight then made our way through the docks, amazing....... I can't express how AMAZING.......... And we have been here for 5 days and already planning the next visit in the summer some time.....ahhhhhhhh

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Crooke to burscough and beyond...

Well we left the mooring opposite the marina in crooke on Friday and ended up in Burscough. It was here we managed to get rid of our rubbish, fill up with water and do some shopping. We didn't moor here though, too many houses and roads for engines and dogs so we moved along a couple of swing bridges to near the farmers arms. The next morning Dot & Colin's granddaughter came to stay and later on Matthew dropped Kals friend Lyndon off who is staying for 2weeks holiday. Yesterday, Monday, Tim and I took the girls, Millie & Maizee for a walk. Turned out to be about 7 miles! All round Martin Mere and back.... Today a Amelia has been in with us colouring in and then I got my sewing machine out and helped her make a cushion out of scraps of material...she stayed for tea. Grandad has been to check she isn't getting on our nerves...ha she's watching a film grandad be back later........

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Boothestown to plank lane- then onto Wigan

Having spent the night in Boothestown we headed for plank land but the bridge was closed! But no panic as the nice workers are opening it at 12 to let boats through. Time for a cuppa and some cake in the glorious sunshine. Off we set then ended up Crooke for the evening just passed a marina.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Visit by the queen.....

Well, the queen visited Manchester whilst we were there. Tim and I nipped into town later on just as she had left and saw lots of pe.ople all dressed up to the nines.... We left Manchester on the Sunday and managed to get over the aqueduct...freeeeeeee, not that Manchester was bad! Deffo going back ....

Friday, 23 March 2012

Still in Manchester

Well we did decide to stay, Tim and I did our trip to Crewe to get his glasses and my contacts the latter not really
Happening at all. the next day we dropped the car off at the Boat& Butty in Runcorn and got the train back.
Kal caught the biggest pike I have ever seen but can't post a picture with my iPad!
We're heading off tomorrow as the aqueduct should be open....had a fantastic time in Manchester, spent far too much money but what the heck.......

Saturday, 17 March 2012


Well we did think about staying till yesterday but have extended it till Monday.....Will we change our minds on Monday..
We have been finding our way around the city centre via the 3 free buses that run 7 till 7 and are now really good, even giving other people directions!
today we went to the science museum which was really good but we only managed half of it as our guests didn't arrive till the afternoon and it wasn't something we had arranged. Kalvin did well entertaining the kids , and even continued into the evening with Amelia, Dot &Colins grand-daughter who came to stay with them for the weekend...Dot & Colin have to be the best cruising companions anyone could ever ask for.....
Tim travelled back with Steve and Denise to pick our car up from Lymm so we can get to Crewe thor our glasses and contacts from the opticians....Both tired's been a long day.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Time to move on again.....ha

Well we decided to stay in Lymm another night, nobody else seemed to be moving so unusually for us we snuck another night in. My brother Peter and his wife Liz called with some coal and they had a little look in Dot & Colin's boat for ideas for their own.
Anyway next morning Dot &Colin left a little before us to head for the élan and ther The Old No 3 for water. We met up with them there and filled up our selves. Tim fixed our canopy and we had a light lunch before heading off just down the way at Dunham Massey for the night.
Next morning we were away for 10 and intended travelling past worsley but we never made it as unknown to did that happen....the Barton Aquaduct is closed until the 24th March ! 9 days to pass.......we did a quick turn around and are now in castlefields basin in Manchester..What a lovely surprise that was. We're looking up at the Hilton Hotel....yuk.
Intend to do a lot of tourist stuff discovering Manchester...

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Still in Lymm...

Well what a lovely day it has been..nice relaxed morning...made some soup then Tim chopped some logs whilse I jumped a bus back to stockton heath to pick the car up cos Tim wasn't happy with where it was parked.
Arrived back to find Tim having coffee with Dot & Colin. Nipped in for a chat then left for soup and rolls. I then called in to get one of Dots new curtains that she wasn't happy with and fixed it for her. One down 7 to go
Listened to crewe match too, won 4-3 against Gillingham

Friday, 9 March 2012


Well we didn't get up as early as we would have liked for starters and then finding the shops we needed wasn't happening so we untied and set off for Lymm. Just as we're arriving and mooring up behind Dot & Colin I get a phone call from Jonathan saying his leg has gone really painful, different than it had been...I suggested ringing the hospital for reasurance which I did for him but they insisted he came in, Jon wasn't too happy but thankfully managed a lift and after a check over, came home really happy as he had been chatting to all the other patients and the consultant had checked him over and he's fine....Dot & Colin popped in for a coffee and after Tim & I popped to the shops.
I made some scones and passed some to Dot as she passed walking the dog...just a quiet night tonight then on our way tomorrow...

The continuing saga...

After our lovely evening with Dot & Colin we rose a little later than usual. I am sure they had been up ages.......they called round to say they were heading to Lymm so we said goodbye and catch up later...We still had things to sort out so we got a couple of buses to get back to the car and went to visit Jonathan in Widnes...looking very comfy I must say but still struggling. Spent a few haikus with him then we headed off calling in at my brothers to pick up our post on the way...
Back on the boat I was getting all worked up for not being able to be there for my son but that's something I have to live with but just wish that side of things were easier..
Had to give Dot & Colin a ring to say it was too late to move now and we would see them tomorrow.
At around 10 pm my brother turned up to show us his new car....very nice...chatted till midnight then shoved them out and went to bed..haaa

The continuing saga...

After our lovely evening with Dot & Colin we rose a little later than usual. I am sure they had been up ages.......they called round to say they were heading to Lymm so we said goodbye and catch up later...We still had things to sort out so we got a couple of buses to get back to the car and went to visit Jonathan in Widnes...looking very comfy I must say but still struggling. Spent a few haikus with him then we headed off calling in at my brothers to pick up our post on the way...
Back on the boat I was getting all worked up for not being able to be there for my son but that's something I have to live with but just wish that side of things were easier..
Had to give Dot & Colin a ring to say it was too late to move now and we would see them tomorrow.
At around 10 pm my brother turned up to show us his new car....very nice...chatted till midnight then shoved them out and went to bed..haaa

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

jonathan home

Up this morning with good intentions to get moving then Jon rang to say he could go home so we changed plans of dropping car off getting back and moving the boat to going to the hospital to get Jon home.we did the latter with great accuracy and left him in the capeable hands of his future mother in law...a nurse..we then spent an hour with my other son who decided he wanted to change his car then set off back to the boat. We got cruising straight away and moored behind Dot And Colin on Ascot in stockton heath. Went in for a needed coffe but spent the whole night chatting.....ahhhhh lovely

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Broken leg

What a few days we have had. Got up Sat jumped a bus then walked to my friends who let us borrow her car to go and get our car from Nantwich. All went welland we called into crewe to have another go at putting contact lenses in. That went well but just couldn't see out of them ! Anyway Kal and I went to meet Matthews, my son who plays footy for crewe alex, girlfriend from the station and Tim took the car back. After thematch I noticed a couple of strange numbers on my phone and one from my other sons, jonathan, girlfriend. After trying to get hold of her she eventually called back only to tell me that he had broken his lower leg. Double open fracture!
That drive home was the longest drive.
Spent the last 4 days at the hossie. He had op on sunday to have a titanium rod hammered down theinside of his tibia/ shin bone. He has no plaster cast or bandage, its crazy and tgey had him up next day. He is traumatised. I am emotionally drained. Will keep everyone posted...

Friday, 2 March 2012

getting back to crewe

Well having reached runcorn were now trying to get to crewe for an appointment and to go back to nantwich to pick the car up which we want to leave in runcorn ready for our caravan rallies. Well its a pain let me say and the expense is rediculous. Decided to borrow a friends car so just a bus joyrney to widnes to pick that up. Here we go !

anderton to preston brook

Got up late for us today..9am workmen started to remove stoppage ahead of us so we took the girls(dogs) for a walk before preparing to move on. Left Anderton around 1.30 and had a lovely cruise up to preston brook and managed to time arrival at the tunnels perfectly... It was nice to see familiar places again..

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Church minchull to Marbury park

Well what an eventfully day it has been. Left this morning around 9.30 am, what a lovely day. Really enjoying the cruise after the winter and so glad were able to just go anywhere. Our aim was just past Middlewich today so off we headed.
Decided not to stop for lunch but rather have it on the go.
Can't remember what time we got to Middlewich but in Big Lock we were wouldn't fully empty, after filling and emptying again a couple of times and of course checking all the paddles we ended up ringing BW who advised someone would be around in about 20 mins. After 10. Mins and a drink we decided to have one more go and it worked, thank goodness!!! Had visions of us been held up for a day or so..anyway off we went, the sun shone beautifully, we decided to get further Marbury Park. Stop lock, work not yet finished...aaarrrrggghh moored up and here till at least Friday...good job were not in a rush..

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Nantwich to we go

Well yesterday was a big laundry day. Everything got washed ready for our cruising year. This morning we filled with fuel and water. Did some foid shopping and withdrew enough cash to get us through the rest of the month without having to worry about cash machines.
We left Nantwich around 3pm today and sauntered along. We have moored at Church Minchull and after taking the dogs for a look around are now settled down with wonderfull views to greet us in the morning .

Monday, 27 February 2012

On the move....

Well, tomorrow is the day. We're off on our travels again, all washing,spring clean! Done. All appointments, acupuncture,glasses, done...
Can't wait to get moving now.
Heading to Liverpool for 11th April for 2 weeks stay in the dock, with the company of our good friends Dot & Colin on their boat Ascot.
And after that, who knows...well for us the trip to Liverpool will have been far too fast so we will probably spend a lot longer heading back. certainly stopping a week here and there when we have places to discover...
Kal, our 15 yr old who lives aboard as a home schooled teenager is now wanting his own space....a boat....that sounds really good and would give him his very own space to retreat to when he's had enough of us and vice versa but not sure I would want him sleeping on it. One problem, no money to buy a boat!! Ha So if you know anybody who has a boat that they want to relieve themselves of that will go to a caring home for a very good reason at a price equivalent to £0.00 or as near as damn it please get in touch
I don't mean to sound cheaky but sometimes there are boats hanging around that people just want someone else to take the responsibility of, we're all together 24/7 and we really do feel that bit of space would be such an asset.
Anyway roll on tomorrow and if you see us don't forget to waive ........

Friday, 24 February 2012

feeling on edge

Well it has to be time to move on now. Winter seems to be over and I am getting very on edge, need to get moving so we think Tuesday is our last day here and then were heading for Liverpool....can't wait ......

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Feb is here and nearly gone..

Looking to be moving on next week...we are booked in at Liverpool for the 11th April and will be joining our friends Dot & Colin on nb Ascot.
They are currently moored at the Boat&Butty on the Runcorn arm whilst we're in Nantwich.
We would like to move this week but were hanging around for 2 Crewe F.C. Matches on Sat and next tues' please don't think out nb lives are ruled by football, I have averted interest as my son plays right back for them....
Really can't wait to get moving now.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

new year ahead

Well what a new year, 5 days of mayhem on a caravan rally in Farndon. Fed and entertained all day every day with themed evenings of old english, posh night, medieval and school disco. Absolutely the best way to spend bringing in the new year... Back to reality now though and we have booked for Liverpool Dock in April which we can't wait for. Start cruising beginning feb and make a slow cruise towards liverpool taking in everything along the way. We are so lucky to have this life. We have a couple of rally's tucked in between now and then so that Kal ,our 14 year old gets to socialise with friends his age. Roll on Feb . . .