Friday, 15 March 2013


Please forgive my absence from my blog but we have been at the bedside of our good friend who was rushed back into hospital with complications to her lung cancer..
It's been a hard 2 days and without going into detail we have gone from her having 3 hrs to live to sitting up in bed chatting away looking healthier than any of us even though all vital signs say otherwise. We feel they have presumed her recent problems are stemming from her cancer spreading but we now feel they are wrong and we believe she has a perforated ulcer. It's all so strange but would explain other things.
Anyhow, I am still praying for that miracle that up to now seems could happen......I am sorry to have left you all out, I missed blogging over the past day or so but hope you don't leave.
I am going to post some random pics just to keep you all going...
1. View of widnes/Runcorn bridge
2. A dress we made from recycled newspaper