Sunday, 24 March 2013

Bed covers stayed in place last night

Now then, don't know the cause, maybe the girls(Millie & Maizee) pull at them, haaaa ,not.
Confused?, well our quilt will not stay on the bed of a night. It starts off nice and high all snugly but at least 3 times in the night we have to pull it up from falling off the bottom of the bed! Never had this problem before. Last night I tucked my side under the mattress and 'hey presto' it stayed put.
I don't really like being tied into the bed, well that's another story, but if it keeps the quilt up! Maybe on the full fit we need a high foot board, we didn't want that but it seems we will have to.

Took the girls for their walk up the Rufford arm before and ended up with 6 Jack Russell's! Tim said it looked lovely with all the dogs around me but wouldn't give in to us buying another 4..... I compromised at 3 but he then made me change my mind when he reminded me of vets bills...
One of them fell in the icy water, awww, the others vanished! I fished him out and wrapped his shivering body up whilst we searched for an owner. Nobody seemed to want to answer their doors and just when I thought we had gained a dog we saw a young lady looking around. Once returned we headed back to the warmth of the boat.

Maybe he will let me get the ferret I have been after, does any one else think this is. Great idea?