Monday, 19 December 2011


Well I don't know where it is but having got caught out on the 24th Nov last year we are enjoying the milder winter weather.
We have bren hovering around Nantwich but can't really stay much longer. It seems all the liveaboards congregate here including those who have moirings just over the aquaduct, can't really blame them getting closer to the wayer source.
We have been on a couple of caravan rallys and have another one booked. Looking forward to christmas and the new year. Hope everyone has a great time.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

winter thoughts. .

Well here we are, we have been wandering around been away in the caravan on some wonderful rallies that do our home schooled son the world of good. Were now just coming back onto the shropshire union and wondering where we will end up for the big freeze. Hopefully nearer a tap than last year. Having the time of our lives. Looking forward to the weekend nd the bonfire rally in Congleton

Thursday, 22 September 2011

hopefully back blogging

Hi everyone, long time I know but blogging from my phobe today. Were on the Llangollen at the minutem were deciding Where to go for the winter , ha. Any suggestions greatly appreciated as we were out on a limb last year in the middle of knowhere. It was all good fun trying to survive but rather bad on our backs with all the water lugging. I am now going to try and post a picture with my phone. Hope it works ! . . 10 minutes later still uploading. Calling that a fail then.