Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Broken leg

What a few days we have had. Got up Sat jumped a bus then walked to my friends who let us borrow her car to go and get our car from Nantwich. All went welland we called into crewe to have another go at putting contact lenses in. That went well but just couldn't see out of them ! Anyway Kal and I went to meet Matthews, my son who plays footy for crewe alex, girlfriend from the station and Tim took the car back. After thematch I noticed a couple of strange numbers on my phone and one from my other sons, jonathan, girlfriend. After trying to get hold of her she eventually called back only to tell me that he had broken his lower leg. Double open fracture!
That drive home was the longest drive.
Spent the last 4 days at the hossie. He had op on sunday to have a titanium rod hammered down theinside of his tibia/ shin bone. He has no plaster cast or bandage, its crazy and tgey had him up next day. He is traumatised. I am emotionally drained. Will keep everyone posted...