Saturday, 23 March 2013

Wedding preparations.

Well, we're going to a wedding in hospital on Monday. Our good friend who isn't well at all, who has been condemned 3times in less than a week by the hospital is marrying her long time partner in the day room at the hospital on Monday afternoon.

Now I don't keep many fancy clothes at the best f times but at the minute I have nothing with me so it meant a trip to the caravan storage site to get something suitable from our caravan. That sounds strange I hear you say but remember, we have been living in the caravan for 4 months while the boat was finished and it was our only place of residence and as such all our clothes were there. it was cold and dismal in he van and although it gave us a home whilst between boats we were glad to get out and head back home to the boat.

It was also a day to pick up post from my brothers, it must be 6 weeks since we got our post and there was quite a pile. However, there amongst the wasted paper we found our new licences and our craft number plates. Always a happy occasion receiving these. They are proudly on show in our windows with the new name with an extra 'e' MILLIEMAIZE not MILLIMAIZE.

We're both sniffling, very unusual for us, runny nose syndrome and fizzy eyes!
Just feel like sitting all snuggled up in front of the fire with a nice cup of tea so off I go, see you all tomorrow..