Monday, 28 June 2010

25th May - 28th june.. all i can say

Hi all, sorry it's been a month but every time i thought about getting up to date the signal was so low it was driving me mad....Just had to pop back to civilization for hospital appointments and signing house sale contracts so this was my opportunity.
We left Grindley Brook leaving the car there as we didn't have any work the following weekend so that gave us time to recover it some how..
We wanted to get to llangollen where my son would pick me up for the Miss Cheshire pageant in Congleton and drop me off at the car on the way back. We spent the week slowly getting there and one night is particularly rememberable.
It must have been well past midnight and Tim had gone to the bathroom, he emerged a little concerned at the noise he could hear outside. On turning the tv off the noise became apparent and i can only describe it as and animal being tortured...I didn't want to hear it any more as my mind was imagining all sorts and i prayed for it to die so it as out of it's misery. Silence, thank goodness i thouht and our discussion turned to the idea of a fox having got a lamb then it started again for a minute and stopped again. Tim grabbed a flashlight and shone it around but all we saw was a couple of badgers wandering up one of the fields then it started again and dreading what we would see tim scanned in the direction of the noise only to see 2 eyes in the water just under bridge 12W above the locks. We hadn't a clue but the torch was dimming......never full battery when you need one... so we grabbed a couple of little LED lights a blanket and a landing net. Running down the bank and getting nearer we couldn't see a thing then we spotted something near the other bank so we scrambled over the bridge, down the embankment and shone the torch.....Badger.... a youngster but nearly fully grown, it was barely keeping it's head above water and as we tried to help with the was too big to get it in.... it fought against us...3 attempts and although they are dangerous I was thinking of getting an and talking to Tim afterwards so was he!!! However one more attempt did it and it was on the bank.
Breathing very heavily as you can imagine and trying to walk away but no energy for that. Then it started shaking so much, I tried to get the blanket over it but it moved from under it so on the second attempt i covered it completely and it stayed still. Tim ran back and got a plastic underbed box from the roof and somehow we managed to get it in there wrapped in the blanket where it shivered away...
We spoke to the R.S.P.C.A. who said they would come the following morning but we decided to take the box to the field where the other 2 badgers were seen and leave it there till morning to see if it had found the strength to get out and go home...We had only just layed it down and barely had chance to climb back over the fence when we heard a shuffle and it was gone...what a wonderful sight that was...
Anyway we continued on our merry way the next day, boring everyone we met with oueexpedition!!!
The rest of our journey was un- eventful though lovely, we stopped at Ellesmere and came accross the Mere by chance on a walk how beautiful. The pictures show the bridge where we saved the badger, and the other was what we thought was a dead woman lying in the middle of nowhere in the long grass. She proceeded to walk along the canal bank for what seemed like forever with no shoes on...very strange...
We reached llangollen and had a couple of night's in the marina, recovered the car and then moved to Trevor. We have spent 2 weeks at Trevor and had visits from family, bought a second car!! 300 squid, thats helping to keep a car with us for weekend work and visited everything you can imagine. horseshoe falls, horseshoe pass, worlds end, panorama view, the castle, steep walk that was also made roof boxes 6 x 2.5 ft and they are at the upholsterers near Trevor having covers fitted. Didn't need t leave yet but be moved to Chirk a week ago by the poachers pocket, 3 cows have fallen in the water from opposite us and can you believe that the first one nearly needed our help to get out....bit bigger than a badger.... I have put a few more pics on of our journey to llangollen as they may bring back some memories for yourselves.