Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Running around

Quick run down of what I wanted to do today and what actually happened....
Wanted to finish of Jon's curtains for his boat, well finish half off then go for the other half of header tape cos he didn't buy enough! Jon!
Wanted to go through my new cook books and write a list of things to buy for the store cupboard I don't have...
Wanted to have a relax too

Instead, we went for water and during the fill up I stripped the beds and washed all the bedding, and our clothes, only the dirty ones! Put them out to dry for an hour, one blew off and nearly ended up in the canal, typical, Tim saved the day.
Then we left for the boat yard to get some scraps of wood to make some temporary steps as our fitter still hasn't started. I think Tim made a good job as you can see from the picture.
From there we went to Abikhan, we needed some kind of magnet system for our blinds which we sorted, oh, and the curtain header tape.
Then we headed back and called in for shopping, after which we drove back to the boat and unloaded, 7 trips I think.
By this time we were starved so it was vegetable curry time, Mmmmmmm..

Maybe tomorrow I will do the curtains....we'll see.
Oh, I put a photo of our narrowboat that we had on today too.