Thursday, 28 February 2013


Nice weather today, won't be spending it on the boat though. Need to do the rounds and get some jobs done.
Always hate this, leaving the boat and surroundings that come with it and slip back into the community..
Alas sometimes there's no choice. Today we checked on one sons extention, getting ready for my first grandchild. so excited to have a baby around and all that comes with it....also visited my Aunt,she misses us, and picked up post from my brothers.
Really need to give the boat a clean but can you believe there's not been much time! Maybe tomorrow.
Our neighbour on NB Borderline, John, has bought curtain material for me to do his curtains. So there's a job that I havn't managed to start.....won't take long though....
Tomorrow were picking the last of our storage boxes up, ahhhh blender for my soup.
Apart from all that I am still hoping for a miracle for our friend...goodnight for now x