Thursday, 7 March 2013

Yet another lost cause!

Well let me first apologise for not posting yesterday. Time spent pottering doing job after job waiting for the boat builder to come and check the terrible paintwork that replaced the terrible scratches that replaced the beautiful paintwork that the being replaced broken rudder wrecked when it was getting replaced!
Well that confused me so god knows what your thinking....

Numerous phone calls back and too lead to another failed appearance and the question, " what time are you up in the morning" to which Tim replied "anytime.." So here we both are, nice cup of tea, patiently waiting....will he won't he.

I must say though, the boat is just fantastic, we arched the build nearly every day and everything was done so well but it was that final rush in the last 3 days, that's where the problems have occurred and of course the man that shouldn't be let out who is a walking disaster. Most problems seem to stem from him but who are we to tell him to get rid of him. I think the main problem is that he has a boat, that means nothing, he lives on it in a Marina within the docks. He doesn't go anywhere so can't move, manoeuvre , moor up without doing it at 100 miles an hour and as such destroys boats. Which is why the rudder was broken, reversing into a wall 5 ft away at full speed is not the best thing!
Anyway, had my rant for now. We're getting nearer to 7.30, nearer to disappointment or maybe we will be astonished, I will be sure to let you know later.

Have a great day everyone....