Monday, 29 September 2014

Batteries, gear box, bow thruster..

Well they say things come in threes.
At the point of replacing the batteries we were told our gear box has a leak! 18months old.....and then the bow thruster stopped working on one side and after checking we found the compartment the thruster lives in is full of sut, does that have two T's ?
So batteries sorted, New gearbox to come as under warranty and bow thruster remove ed and taken away.
Oh well we were heading to halsall to meat my brother but for now Worsley will have to be it...
Deffo a money pit month...

Friday, 26 September 2014

Babies babies babies

The last 2 days have been ex citing.
Baby scan for my eldest son Jonathan and his  partner to find out if all's well and what sex their second little one is.well it's another little girl, awww (first pic)

And then middle son Matthew and his partner Jessica had their first scan for their first baby...have to wait to find out the sex though.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Well be have made the big decision to buy some 'traction batteries'. The ones were going for are Trojan T105  6 volt deep cell @ 225Ah  a battery.
This will give us a total of 450Ah when we fit 4 in a 12volt set up.
Sick to death of these leisure batteries, time after time each set has let us down.
Managed to grab a great deal from Tanya Batteries in Abergele at £96 each. Saving on the delivery cost by having a day out to collect.
They best be good !!!!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Crewe Alex

Couple of pics from today's game against Port Vale..Crewe won 2-1 and the pics are of my son Matthew Celebrating a goal and mid game.....

Friday, 12 September 2014

Clear out

Had a big clear out yesterday. As we come to nearing completion it was time to get rid of things we have been thinking' might need that' .
It also gave us a chance to be ruthless with other things. Always amazes me how much is actually in the boat. Looking at it in the car you wonder where it all was!
At last the back deck is clear of wood scraps and boxes. Time to make some seating me thinks
Feel a lot more organised now so time to get the last few jobs completed.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Blitz time

Well today has seen us blitz Kals room.  Under his bed has been all that kind of stuff you think you need but never use. You know what I mean.
Really need the room for more of the same probably. It's amazing what pointless things you keep...once blitzed a rethink on the design, get flooring in , finish wardrobes and that's another few jobs off the list...

Couple of unrelated pics too , me and My two brothers. The one in pink is due to have his first boat launched in the next month...
And Millie  who sneaks between us in the night....naughty girl...

Off for brekkie at Ikea

Has a not the poshest tho g to be doing but we need a new mattress for Kal...meeting our Son and his partner and of course Ava for a catch up in the Cafe..then it's back to work on the boat. Making seat pads for the seating area out back....

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Kitchen almost finished

Well it's been a while in the making and we just need some steps and a cupboard over the job and were finished..Hope you like. Well done Tim my wonderful husband for all your hard work..

New pram hood pics

Well here they are, been trying to get blogger on my phone to do this. Hope you like

Ava's Christening and 1st birthday

Hope you like the pics. I also learned thY I have another 2 grandchildren on the way!