Monday, 25 March 2013

The big day

Good evening, were back from an eventful day. It was Dot and Colins wedding day at the hospital and I was a little apprehensive that it may be sad but not at all. We had a lovely day and a few laughs. Dots step daughter had bought her a lovely dress and facinator. She looked gorgeous.

We had been up early but were worried the water was going to run out half way through hair and body washes, all done from a bowl until the bathroom is fitted. I know that must sound awful but it's a bit of fun and were managing. As ever we ran out of time and were rushing around to get there on time. No worries, we were 20 mins early phew!

The wedding was an extremely short ceremony, I couldn't understand that. It was as if let's get this done as she is going to pop her clogs any second! I was a bit sad it was over in two sentences but all the same it was special.

They are a lovely couple, a perfect couple and its all so sad.

Anyway, this boat of ours needs finishing, I may give you a quick picture of our state of affairs .....or maybe not, ooh I can't make my mind up.....