Monday, 15 October 2012

Hi everyone, after our 2 weeks in liverpool we have been enjoying the Leeds Liverpool Canal. Its been a busy time too as my sons league 2 team Crewe Alex reached the playoffs yippee.... Not only that, they won there games and tomorrow 27th May 2012 they play at Wembley stadium in the final. You may not know crewe alex but the team has 9out of the 11 players from their own academy with most having been there for over 10 years and still only 21/22. There are a couple only 18 and 17 and my son at Aew is one of the experienced players with over 100 games under his belt. They have been called a bunch of kids but on a 18 game unbeaten run I think they can be reckoned as men in their game. Well were off to Wembley tomorrow and coming home jubilant. !
Oh my, I have finally discovered how to upload pictures from my iPad to here...
I have missed blogging but just boring text was not going inspire anyone to read!
Lots has happened and lots is happening but before that can I share with you my sons Wembley trip and a few pictures from the summer......The first picture is of our good friends Dot & Colin on their boat Ascot, we spent the summer of 2012 with them. Can I apologise for the pike appearing 3times!