Monday, 22 July 2013

Clean up

Well we left Crooke and headed down to deans lock were we filled the water, washed everything we poses, including the boat....
Too hot and muggy, shattered. Oh and I made 2 gluten free loaves, one was awful!
Later we nipped into the pub with our banjo as all the guys were there with there's.
It's late now, actually 12.40 am and I am off for a shower before bed.....

Solar Panels

After 4 years of deliberation we have actually taken receipt of a 200watt Solar panel, yay. Still waiting for the leads to arrive so we can get it set up. Quite excited. We bought a more expensive controller , mppt, hoping that it does what it says on the label and get more out of the panels than a regular one. Can't wait for it to be up and running.

Kal's off to college

Well got 5mins to myself today. Tim has just left to take Kal to his enrolment day at liverpool college. Starts a plumbing course in September. I am at a loose end as I had to say here to wait for the post man to come to the village to hopefully collect a parcel from him. Not on my own very often and missing Tim already.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Itchy feet

We're getting a bit bored now not getting a big cruise in, all our time going on the boat and staying near B&Q lol. Started to plan the kitchen and getting excited about the oven,that has been in packaging since the boat arrived , to be up and running. Tim wanted to put it in weeks ago but I said it would spoil the feel so we heaved roughed it with a camping gas hob and a toaster..

Tim was up till 3am trying to get a fall on the waste pipe from our small WC, it's a room just enough for toilet and wash basin for guests I guess but mainly for our 16yr old who seems to go to the toilet and stay there for what seems like days on end was a main thing on our wish list and has proved invaluable already..

We bought a worktop, and small sink with the money we got off the rogue this week and are eager to get going.

Anyway, it's time to get back to work. Lots to do and no time to do it in, haaaaa I joke with you,this is the life......

Thursday, 13 June 2013


Just found a view of out bathroom before Tim did a marvellous job on it ....
I find it so funny ...

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Well hasn't he done well. Can't believe Tim has managed to put my design together so well, he has never built cupboards before and he has done a tremendous job.
The rest of the boat is like a tip so I can take sanctuary here .
We are slowly getting our money back so that's good, slow and steady is how the fit out is going but if it all goes as well as the bathroom I will be beyond happy. Thank you my darling and sorry for being a pain......

Friday, 31 May 2013

Feeling more positive

hi all, I do apologise for not replying or keeping you up to date, we are gladly receiving weekly payments of £200. Up to now we have had £1000 and are counting ourselves very lucky indeed.

We have installed a shower cubicle, flooring, wash basin and cupboard in the bathroom and are very happy with the results, pics to follow. A couple of more bathroom units to build the were onto our bedroom.

Having the shower has been amazing and I want everyone to appreciate the luxury.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Our friend passed away too so that was another knock, Colin her husband returned to the boat a week after the funeral and is struggling to get on with life, god love him x

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Hard to keep on track

I realise there will be lots of people all over the world wondering what is happening. By now we should be showing off our new boat and its wonderful interior but due to the slimy person who spent our last pennies on horses were having to take it day by day, week by week. It's been hard to think about writing anything and as such I apologise.
We're on the verge of a shower, yay.

Also , yesterday we went to our good friend, Dot's, funeral. That was such a shock. Just can't believe it. She was having the time of her life and within 3 months, gone. Such a big loss in our lives.

Hopefully my next entry will be more positive, take care all x x

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Money gone! And now in dry dock

Wow it's been a terrible stressful time, after 2 months of waiting for our boat to be finished off inside, not by the boat builder I may add, we have discovered that the person doing it hasn't actually spent our money on materials but instead has squandered it away.
After lies upon lies, some of which only the lowest of people would use, we caught him red handed and due to us trying to get our large amount of money back I can't go into more detail but the man was totally unscrupulous .

Moving on, we're now in wigan and in the dry dock where we have been spoilt with 6 men from the builders doing a great job for us.

Just can't wait to move on now, we have been in limbo but now we can start to get things sorted..

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Bikes......In pain

Just to say that we went for our first bike ride before with the girls running beside. It was fun but my wrist, elbow and knee didn't enjoy it.
First stop, the bike shop for a sit up and beg bike please.....


Water under the floor!

Well yesterday Tim decided to check all the water pipes before they became buried under the oak flooring. All the pipes will be below flooring level and not boxed in around the edge. All the pipes and their connections were sound but underneath the floor was wet! See the pictures......

As he had been working around the edge we lifted a middle section this morning to check that and although there was wet there too, it wasn't as bad.

Now what were wondering is wether having no floor down has let the warmth from the fire under there and that in turn has created condensation on the ribs which is running down onto the floor.
But why more around the edge than the middle. Our own thoughts on that are that there are more gaps between wood around the adhesive for access.

Anyway, we have informed the builder and he is coming to check.

On a different subject, were bored, bored of hanging around for jobs and work to be done. We feel the winter is going to be here before we know it and we won't have done anything.....just wish things would start coming together now....

Losing some days

Sorry everyone, i thought this was published on Sunday. just come to post again and there it was saying Retry!

Feeling the pinch at the moment, doesn't help when you need to get your boat finished!

Tim has recently started smoking again, only a few a day but wanted to knock it on the head so he got an E-Cig, it's been great. He has had Dr Pepper flavour, I love the smell it gives off, were surprised how you can change to such a flavour. Trouble is, I am sure he is puffing more! Haaa never mind, I am just so proud to say that I HAVNT been lured back into the nasty habit, how good am I.

Now apart from that we have bought our first lot of diesel on the cut, and have transferred over to COKE instead of coal. It's been fantastic, lasting much longer and reminds me of when I was little.

We went for a walk up the Rufford arm with the girls and I took a few pictures for you. Other than that we have generally been living the relaxing life we have. The boat does have to go into dry dock though, we had trouble stopping the tiller from flying over to the left when we brought her up through the liverpool link. So much so we both had bruises on our shoulders from pushing against the force.
Now , when she was lowered into the water she was put into reverse gear by accident by the boat builder and rammed into the wall behind so it is thought that the Skeg may be bent.
For that reason we are heading to Wigan dry dock over the next few days...

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Hi all. Just a quick post with some WEMBLEY pictures. What a great day, the weather was really good, the game even better and the 2-0 wim just the icing on the cake.
In the pictures my son is No2 and the one flying high on the last picture.
The white shirts are a tribute to their team mate who lost his newborn baby earlier in the week.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


So so sorry for not posting, life has turned into a whirlwind, how does that happen with this life were leading? Well I did take a few pictures of the girls having fun but since then the week has turned on its head.

My mums best friend passed away, you know how it goes, must visit Alice before she goes and leaves us.....3 months later, must visit Alice, 2years later.....Alice passed away
Dear oh dear, if my mum was alive she would let me now just how unhappy she is. Anyway I am off to her funeral tomorrow. That wasn't the only sad news I got as today my footballing sons colleagues baby of only a few days died too, that's just too bad to think about.

On a lighter note I am preparing to leave the boat on Saturday for a fantastic weekend, would be just perfect if Tim was coming but he is staying behind for the bathroom to be fit out.

Where am I going, WEMBLEY....Yes, the time has come. crewe FC are in the JPT FINAL and I am so lucky to be in a privileged position to get a free £250 ticket with drinks and food pre-match. I am sure I will bring them all down to earth at some point once they know I 'LIVE ON A BOAT!' Haaaaaa

Going to be a fantastic day and my son is so lucky to be making his second trip there in less than 12 months!

Just in case you get to see the match on Sunday his name is MATT TOOTLE .


Sunday, 31 March 2013


OH how lucky are we to be living this life on a beautiful day like this.
Sitting here with the side hatch open and the sun bursting in burning my feet!

Earlier we took the girls for a walk along the Rufford arm, we drove a few miles to get further up the arm as we often walk the first couple of miles when were up this way.

They had a great time and we found a track that had been cleared which we walked along then back along the canal.

On the way back we met Treacle another jack Russell who was far too busy to stop for a photo and Millie actually liked her too, that's unusual for Millie.

Further down the canal we met Sweep, a lovely black Lab with the most gorgeous face.

Back on the boat it was time for some soup I had made yesterday, Tim decided to make some temporary shelves to get rid of the mess we are living with in the kitchen and I made a few more curtains for Jon before he leaves us for the Lancaster.

Saturday, 30 March 2013


Hi all, well we both had good intentions of getting up really early with lots to do before Matt & Jess came to see us but all good plans..........

9am damn, never mind.

Managed to get some washing done and out on the back deck, the extra space is fantastic, then it was off to the shower block about a 10 minute car ride away.

Whilst waiting for Kal and Lyndon to have their showers a narrowboat and Butty pulled up at the water point and it was the 'sweet shop nb' they had come down from South Yorkshire to pick the butty up to use as a store room. Tried to convince them to nip into Liverpool whilst they were this way..

Well back on the boat Matt & Jess arrived, had a cuppa then I went with them into Southport for a bite to eat and a laugh at the fair.
Back at the boat Tim had had a quiet afternoon, feeding the boys....

It's been a lovely day, looking forward to the rest of the weekend...

Friday, 29 March 2013


Last night we had a visit from my eldest son and his partner, the blooming partner that is carefully carrying my first grandchid. oh its such a wonderful time and brings back all the memories of when i was their age and here i am taking my mums place as a nan. time flies. its been a busy and productive day overall. Kalvin has his friend Lyndon staying over till Tuesday so the went into Liverpool on the train for a few hours, meanwhile back at the ranch Tim saw that the engine got its first service and enjoyed the extra space down the engine bay.
His enjoyment was only interrupted by Millie and Maizee seeing off everybody that walked by, became a nuisance really and gave us both a headache.
Now, the curtains, well I didn't get to finish them all but did make up a couple of pairs, too many disruptions and having to have the sewing machine on the bed is not a good height and my back was burning right between the shoulder blades.
Jon bought the material himself and I said I would make them up for him.hope you like.
I am sure they will look much nicer at the windows....
The other picture is of my new handbag £2.45 from the local charity shop, well this boat did skint us!