Saturday, 27 April 2013

Money gone! And now in dry dock

Wow it's been a terrible stressful time, after 2 months of waiting for our boat to be finished off inside, not by the boat builder I may add, we have discovered that the person doing it hasn't actually spent our money on materials but instead has squandered it away.
After lies upon lies, some of which only the lowest of people would use, we caught him red handed and due to us trying to get our large amount of money back I can't go into more detail but the man was totally unscrupulous .

Moving on, we're now in wigan and in the dry dock where we have been spoilt with 6 men from the builders doing a great job for us.

Just can't wait to move on now, we have been in limbo but now we can start to get things sorted..


  1. Oh dear... That's terrible news! We do hope you manage to get your money back. Hopefully without having to spend too much on legal expenses. At least you have the boat!

  2. Sorry to hear of all your troubles and hope you have a good outcome. Did you find out what the water was in the bilge? During the winter we had gallons under the floor caused by a combination of leaking pressure release valve on the calorifier and a drip from the water pump not helped by leaking portholes. Hope yours was nothing too drastic. Best of luck with your fit out and hope you'll soon be back cruising.
    Ju and John
    nb Serena.

  3. Hi, sorry for the delay in replying but been a bit up the wall... don@t think any legal battle will be happening unfortunately. It was a well trusted erson who unfortunately has fallen on bad times and just needed the money. hopefully it will come back in weekly payments. tomorrow being the first s lets just see.

    the water was condensation as we have a raised floor with the heating pipes beneath and because they were not boxed in under there the heat from them was causing condensation right through. problem hopefully solved now, just glad we spotted it!