Friday, 29 March 2013


Last night we had a visit from my eldest son and his partner, the blooming partner that is carefully carrying my first grandchid. oh its such a wonderful time and brings back all the memories of when i was their age and here i am taking my mums place as a nan. time flies. its been a busy and productive day overall. Kalvin has his friend Lyndon staying over till Tuesday so the went into Liverpool on the train for a few hours, meanwhile back at the ranch Tim saw that the engine got its first service and enjoyed the extra space down the engine bay.
His enjoyment was only interrupted by Millie and Maizee seeing off everybody that walked by, became a nuisance really and gave us both a headache.
Now, the curtains, well I didn't get to finish them all but did make up a couple of pairs, too many disruptions and having to have the sewing machine on the bed is not a good height and my back was burning right between the shoulder blades.
Jon bought the material himself and I said I would make them up for him.hope you like.
I am sure they will look much nicer at the windows....
The other picture is of my new handbag £2.45 from the local charity shop, well this boat did skint us!

Just a quickie

Well here we go again, bright sunshine and a frozen canal. Looks beautiful but bloody freezing.
Well today I am finishing the curtains for John and will post some pictures later....