Monday, 11 March 2013


Just a quick apologies, I promised my recipe page would be up and running but I haven't done it and worst of all my stats show you have been checking the tab out...sorry, I will get going on it...
Night night all.

Matthew & Jess , welcome aboard.....

Had visitors tonight, my son Matthew, the footballer and his lovely girlfriend Jessica who is a dance teacher.
Didn't manage to see them over the weekend with being busy moving the boat but they called tonight to drop off some chocolates, mmmmmmmm, counters, mmmmmmm and some beautiful flowers that are sitting in my blender. Yes, blender, god knows where my vases are at the minute.

Walked them back along the towpath to their car and found that the wind has dropped and it doesn't feel anywhere near as cold.
Anyway, time for another chocolate, thank you guys, and a nice cup of tea..x x


Yes it's snowing here in Lancashire, mind you it snowed on my mum and dads wedding day back on the 12th April 1947 apparently, if you have heard of anything later than that let me know. Actually it was the day before the wedding but there was so much snow it was still around on the day.

Anyway I have posted a couple of snow pictures but its stopped now, thank goodness. The wind is freezing. We ventured into Ormskirk for our food haul of the week and came back to a cozy warm fire greeting us with our frozen faces. We spent this morning putting a clear enamel on the wooden surround of our windows where the condensation runs onto the wood in a hope to protect them, looks lovely and rich.

We were a little disappointed with our hot water system as on our narrowboats the colarifier was inside the boat and once the water was hot it stayed hot for a good 24 hrs or more but our colarifier is now in the engine bay and the hot water only lasted a few hrs. Must get extra lagging as soon as possible.

Spoke a bit soon about the snow as its at it again, really is blasting past the window as you can see in my photo....
I am now going to have 5 minutes on my new books, hopefully. No rest for the wicked it seems..


What a big contrast today is to the last two days, glorious sunshine, just perfect for our lifestyle. Saying that, it doesn't matter what the weather is like its all enjoyable.
I didn't sleep very well last night yet Tim says he doesn't remember a thing from lying on the bed to opening his eyes this morning. He has just gone outside for the girls morning wee where's. They love being on the cut, that's the only problem with the docks, no real hunting ground for the girls but now they are in their element.
Well I have posted a couple of pictures this morning, one of the ice that has formed overnight from dripping off the hatch onto the roof and another of a couple of duckies enjoying the nicer weather.
Have a nice day all, see you later...