Tuesday, 5 March 2013

PAINTWORK! FURNITURE AND OTTERSPOOL, why does it all happen at once..

Well, organised a day dedicated to our girls, Millie & Maizee that is but had a call from the boat builder. Painter be down within the hour, that's a laugh.
An hour later the furniture maker arrives to check our complaints about the suite, all problems solved there but even after they leave, no painter!

Oh a phone call, who could that be. Yes the painter, down in an hour. Wasn't holding our breath but there you go, don't be so negative I say.
He did arrive but god give us strength, what a terrible job, maybe it will be nicer when it dries.
Will take a picture in the morning, please look nice...

Anyway, we went to Otterspool and the park was lovely, came home and looked up the history and found so much info.
The girls had fun too as you can see on the pics, oh and I stuck a pic of the muddies that Kal knocked himself out on. We were mortified when we saw them!
Hope you have all had a good day...