Sunday, 31 March 2013


OH how lucky are we to be living this life on a beautiful day like this.
Sitting here with the side hatch open and the sun bursting in burning my feet!

Earlier we took the girls for a walk along the Rufford arm, we drove a few miles to get further up the arm as we often walk the first couple of miles when were up this way.

They had a great time and we found a track that had been cleared which we walked along then back along the canal.

On the way back we met Treacle another jack Russell who was far too busy to stop for a photo and Millie actually liked her too, that's unusual for Millie.

Further down the canal we met Sweep, a lovely black Lab with the most gorgeous face.

Back on the boat it was time for some soup I had made yesterday, Tim decided to make some temporary shelves to get rid of the mess we are living with in the kitchen and I made a few more curtains for Jon before he leaves us for the Lancaster.