Monday, 22 July 2013

Clean up

Well we left Crooke and headed down to deans lock were we filled the water, washed everything we poses, including the boat....
Too hot and muggy, shattered. Oh and I made 2 gluten free loaves, one was awful!
Later we nipped into the pub with our banjo as all the guys were there with there's.
It's late now, actually 12.40 am and I am off for a shower before bed.....

Solar Panels

After 4 years of deliberation we have actually taken receipt of a 200watt Solar panel, yay. Still waiting for the leads to arrive so we can get it set up. Quite excited. We bought a more expensive controller , mppt, hoping that it does what it says on the label and get more out of the panels than a regular one. Can't wait for it to be up and running.

Kal's off to college

Well got 5mins to myself today. Tim has just left to take Kal to his enrolment day at liverpool college. Starts a plumbing course in September. I am at a loose end as I had to say here to wait for the post man to come to the village to hopefully collect a parcel from him. Not on my own very often and missing Tim already.