Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Had a lovely day yesterday, weather lovely and so nice to be relaxing after the last few days. Left Barnton and headed to Anderton once there went to bool in but nothing until 3.15 that was 3hrs away but it's so lovely to not be annoyed at the wait, to be in a totally different frame of mind when your on your boat and just relax an go with the flow...we wandered down to the waterpoint and filled up, emptyed the cassette and got chatting, as you do. Before we knew it it was time to depart. Everything went smoothly and we moored up on the weaver just before saltersford lock. The weather was just on the change and we were told it's going to be 8degrees below next week....that just makes me think of warm cosy fires. Or extra CLOTHING....big day tomorrow, officially moving aboard....Yippee