Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Church minchull to Marbury park

Well what an eventfully day it has been. Left this morning around 9.30 am, what a lovely day. Really enjoying the cruise after the winter and so glad were able to just go anywhere. Our aim was just past Middlewich today so off we headed.
Decided not to stop for lunch but rather have it on the go.
Can't remember what time we got to Middlewich but in Big Lock we were wouldn't fully empty, after filling and emptying again a couple of times and of course checking all the paddles we ended up ringing BW who advised someone would be around in about 20 mins. After 10. Mins and a drink we decided to have one more go and it worked, thank goodness!!! Had visions of us been held up for a day or so..anyway off we went, the sun shone beautifully, we decided to get further Marbury Park. Stop lock, work not yet finished...aaarrrrggghh moored up and here till at least Friday...good job were not in a rush..