Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Quiet evening in.

It's a very rare occasion, I am alone. Yes I am home alone. Tim has taken Kalvin to ramp works, that's an indoor centre with big ramps for BMX riders. There's a session 6pm till 10pm or even 10.30! Not sure Tm will cope with that, it's freezing in there.
I stayed behind to black out some boots for my sons business. Second coat on now so two more then give them 24hrs before putting the finisher on.
Jonathan and Donna also saw the midwife today and heard their baby's heart beat for the first time, a special moment....my first grandchild, yippeeeeeee
I have been trying to post the recipe for our meal we had for tea but it is proving impossible but I will continue to try. It's one of the most healthy meals you can eat, full of lots of different coloured vegetable, always a good idea...
My mind is elsewhere tonight, thinking about our boating friend who isn't too well and has been for her first chemo today but couldn't have it due to a chest infection....our thoughts are with her for a full recovery.
Going to log off now, couple of pics of the blackout boots in process and don't forget to check out www.tootsboots.co.uk
The pic is stage 2 of the boots. X

ICED IN? Surely not...haaaa

Well as you can see from the pictures, yes, there is a covering of ice on the canal. The little moorhens have been slipping and sliding this morning, ever so cute...
At least the ice is accompanied by the sunshine and it looks like a lovely fresh day ahead.
Today I am 'blacking out' football boots for my eldest son, Jonathan and his partner Donna. They have an online and in store, DW Sports, business. Take a look, www.tootsboots.co.uk you can either send in your boots to be blacked out or you can send for a DIY kit.
Today I am blacking out some samples to go into stores all over the country, well I am beginning the process anyway, it will take 5 days as you need to let each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next...I have put a before picture on and I will be sure to put an after on too..
There a lots of pictures on www.tootsboots.co.uk, see you all later..