Wednesday, 6 March 2013


I don't know what's wrong with my feet, I'm not old by any means but for the past 3/4 yrs my feet have felt like they have been crushed under a steam roller when I stand from sitting.
I walk like a constipated duck until they warm up usually but today I walked around Liverpool with Matt my footballing son and his girlfriend then went back out for food with Tim and could barely take the pains in my feet.
It's my METATARSLES, you know, everyone broke a METATARSLE after Beckham did......
Well my feet feel like every one of them is broken and my ankles aren't far behind either...

I dread to think how they will be in another 10 yrs!

Anyway I am now going to choose a random picture from my photo's for you all today and hope to see you tomorrow....oh it's a cakeMmmmmmmmmmm