Friday, 8 March 2013


We feel so so lazy today, yes we have washed all bed clothes our clothes Kals clothes and anything we set our eyes on ready for returning to battery power when were back on the system but all the things we meant to do havn't been done!

Ahhh well at least the boat builder turned up! YES YOU DID READ RIGHT, THE BOAT BUILDER TURNED UP! He's a nice guy but just a very busy guy, I suppose that's a good thing. Anyway he has agreed that the repair on the paint isn't good enough and is going to get it sorted, failed to say when though....and Tim showed him the rust on the roof which are from them grinding boats in the same room after ours had been painted and flecks have landed in the paint. He agreed to reprint after removing the offensive rusty flecks...
Lets just see how much we have to harass them.

Kal is waiting for his new girlfriend to arrive, she seems nice and ' normal' you know what I mean, her face isn't cracking under the weight of makeup, her eyebrows don't look like blackbird wings and her eyelashes are her own, hopefully she has manners too! Haaaa poor girl, doesn't know what's awaiting her.

Well, must go and see if we can muster up some life to go and sort a few things with the harbour master and get a shower at the shower block in the Albert Dock, lovely they are, thanks for reading.......x