Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Time to move on again.....ha

Well we decided to stay in Lymm another night, nobody else seemed to be moving so unusually for us we snuck another night in. My brother Peter and his wife Liz called with some coal and they had a little look in Dot & Colin's boat for ideas for their own.
Anyway next morning Dot &Colin left a little before us to head for the élan and ther The Old No 3 for water. We met up with them there and filled up our selves. Tim fixed our canopy and we had a light lunch before heading off just down the way at Dunham Massey for the night.
Next morning we were away for 10 and intended travelling past worsley but we never made it as unknown to did that happen....the Barton Aquaduct is closed until the 24th March ! 9 days to pass.......we did a quick turn around and are now in castlefields basin in Manchester..What a lovely surprise that was. We're looking up at the Hilton Hotel....yuk.
Intend to do a lot of tourist stuff discovering Manchester...