Sunday, 23 March 2014

Wigan flight

How lovely it is at the top of the flight in new springs. We have been discovering the area for the last 2 weeks and are ready to move on tomorrow.
Been very impressed with the people of wigan, very friendly..

Football boots

Been a day of blacking out footy boots for prem players. All to do with myveldest sons business TOOTSBOOTS.
Also had a knock on the boat from Jim who's boat was launched just before ours and thankfully he hasnt finished his either!
Had a conversation about thr rust comingvthrough on our hull which according to Jim isnt rust its pitting that shouldnt be happening and according to a surveyer he had look at his boat its due to the earth coming from our negative on the battery to the hull. The surveyer says it isnt needed and is caising tbe hull yo have a negative charge and everytime a  boat goes by it makes some metal leave our boat and attach to yheirs.
Dont quite undersrand that but will be looking into it before all our hull gets robbed!