Wednesday, 3 April 2013


So so sorry for not posting, life has turned into a whirlwind, how does that happen with this life were leading? Well I did take a few pictures of the girls having fun but since then the week has turned on its head.

My mums best friend passed away, you know how it goes, must visit Alice before she goes and leaves us.....3 months later, must visit Alice, 2years later.....Alice passed away
Dear oh dear, if my mum was alive she would let me now just how unhappy she is. Anyway I am off to her funeral tomorrow. That wasn't the only sad news I got as today my footballing sons colleagues baby of only a few days died too, that's just too bad to think about.

On a lighter note I am preparing to leave the boat on Saturday for a fantastic weekend, would be just perfect if Tim was coming but he is staying behind for the bathroom to be fit out.

Where am I going, WEMBLEY....Yes, the time has come. crewe FC are in the JPT FINAL and I am so lucky to be in a privileged position to get a free £250 ticket with drinks and food pre-match. I am sure I will bring them all down to earth at some point once they know I 'LIVE ON A BOAT!' Haaaaaa

Going to be a fantastic day and my son is so lucky to be making his second trip there in less than 12 months!

Just in case you get to see the match on Sunday his name is MATT TOOTLE .