Friday, 27 April 2012

Left the docks...happy for the rest

Well I have had no tIme to post anything with 3 lots of visitors a day it's been near on impossible! It has been such hard work being in the docks....I shall not put our next visit on Facebook. There have been the invited family and friends but also a stream of friends who arranged for one day and then turned up on spec 2 days early... Tim and I actually did nothing that we intended to do, oh sorry we got half an hour in the new museum after visitors one day then they said they were closing.... I know I am moaning but I shouldn't as we still had a great time and have already booked our's a secret!! Haaa....that's not a joke by the way!!!!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Liverpool ....WOWZA'S

Well may I firstly apologise for not keeping you all up to date......basically from Burscough we went to Halsall, then Lydiate. Spent one night there then travelled down to bridge 9 where we would meet BW men the next morning.. Sid, Mr BW arrived and got us on our way and met us at Litherland where we emptied our leans befor continuing on our journey. I must say that the whole trip has been wonderful with only one downside, litter in the canal from M57 area. Having spoken to Sid and his happy chappies about it they say as quick as they clear it, it's's only a problem when it builds up at the front of the boat and makes you thing you have something on your rudder!!,! That sounds awful but it really isn't... We met Sid and some volunteers at the Stanley flight then made our way through the docks, amazing....... I can't express how AMAZING.......... And we have been here for 5 days and already planning the next visit in the summer some time.....ahhhhhhhh

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Crooke to burscough and beyond...

Well we left the mooring opposite the marina in crooke on Friday and ended up in Burscough. It was here we managed to get rid of our rubbish, fill up with water and do some shopping. We didn't moor here though, too many houses and roads for engines and dogs so we moved along a couple of swing bridges to near the farmers arms. The next morning Dot & Colin's granddaughter came to stay and later on Matthew dropped Kals friend Lyndon off who is staying for 2weeks holiday. Yesterday, Monday, Tim and I took the girls, Millie & Maizee for a walk. Turned out to be about 7 miles! All round Martin Mere and back.... Today a Amelia has been in with us colouring in and then I got my sewing machine out and helped her make a cushion out of scraps of material...she stayed for tea. Grandad has been to check she isn't getting on our nerves...ha she's watching a film grandad be back later........