Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Water under the floor!

Well yesterday Tim decided to check all the water pipes before they became buried under the oak flooring. All the pipes will be below flooring level and not boxed in around the edge. All the pipes and their connections were sound but underneath the floor was wet! See the pictures......

As he had been working around the edge we lifted a middle section this morning to check that and although there was wet there too, it wasn't as bad.

Now what were wondering is wether having no floor down has let the warmth from the fire under there and that in turn has created condensation on the ribs which is running down onto the floor.
But why more around the edge than the middle. Our own thoughts on that are that there are more gaps between wood around the adhesive for access.

Anyway, we have informed the builder and he is coming to check.

On a different subject, were bored, bored of hanging around for jobs and work to be done. We feel the winter is going to be here before we know it and we won't have done anything.....just wish things would start coming together now....

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