Friday, 9 March 2012

The continuing saga...

After our lovely evening with Dot & Colin we rose a little later than usual. I am sure they had been up ages.......they called round to say they were heading to Lymm so we said goodbye and catch up later...We still had things to sort out so we got a couple of buses to get back to the car and went to visit Jonathan in Widnes...looking very comfy I must say but still struggling. Spent a few haikus with him then we headed off calling in at my brothers to pick up our post on the way...
Back on the boat I was getting all worked up for not being able to be there for my son but that's something I have to live with but just wish that side of things were easier..
Had to give Dot & Colin a ring to say it was too late to move now and we would see them tomorrow.
At around 10 pm my brother turned up to show us his new car....very nice...chatted till midnight then shoved them out and went to bed..haaa

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