Monday, 11 February 2013

What's in a name

Hi everyone, our boat was launched on Monday 4th Feb 2013, 4 months later than anticipated but deffo worth the wait....
Our name has changed slightly as the sign writer managed to put an extra 'E' into our name. Now then we have Millie and Maizee, we took the last 'E' from each name d put the rest together, hey presto
MilliMaize but on the new boat he left Millie's name in full so now we are MillieMaize.

Never mind, we quite like it and we didn't even tell the sign writer....

We're in the Salthouse dock this week  in Liverpool but will soon be on our way.

More pictures soon....


  1. Glad to see you back on you blog. Hope you get as much fun in Milliemaize as you did from Millimaize. Ju and John NB Serena

    1. Well hello, thank you for your comment, I must say that I would be on more if it was made easier on the iPad. Drives me mad, one minute I can upload the next minute I can't......x x thanks again

    2. Ju, do you still not do a blog, where are you, what have you been up to? My email is Would be great to know how your doing....