Sunday, 10 March 2013

Long long day

Just had to do a quick post, the pictures below are of a Moorhen that decided to roost by our mooring pin and the other is of our view towards Burscough by the Farmers Arms.
It was a long, cold 4 hr journey from bridge 20 made worse by he fact that the mobile kept ringing as Kal had managed to leave his phone at his uncles and thought t best to ask the rail guard to ring us!!! What we were suppose to do I have no idea but each time the rail guard got hold f us, after we had un gloved un hatted and un neck warmered, he couldn't see Kal. 3 times this happened and on the third time I told him to tell Kal to just get back to his uncles and get he phone!
It was all so mad..
Once we reached Burscough I looked up the trains to Liverpool, ha, as if that would be Get a train to Southport! Then to liverpool 1hr 15 mins and a 20 minute walk....
Well after been blown to death, frozen to death, rained and snowed on we were determined to be wrapped up. We made the journey, picked Kal up and headed back to the boat.
Lovely, warm, cosy, lucky. Just wish we hadn't been in a rush today to get to Burscough to be near the station. We hate rushing. But I must say the boat is fantastic....
Sorry the pics have a shadow, not sure how I managed it but here you go.
Not sure of tomorrow's antics, won't be moving the boat so will probably get food aboard.
Must go now as I am shattered, Tims just nodded off and my eyes are heavy now....hope all you mums have had a lovely day, night night...
P.S I will start my Recipe list soon, jut haven't had chance, where do the days go....

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