Tuesday, 13 April 2010

TWO WEEKS ON.....hows it going?

Hi everyone, 2 weeks tomorrow and sooooo happy!! Still on the weaver and have moved about 2 miles Ha. Should have moved from salterford lock to winsford flashes yesterday but only managed anderton, looked too inviting for the dogs, god run area and a game of cricket with kal as he's been desperate for that..had fun.
Met Colin ad Dot on Ascot, name to be changed,at Saltersford with Bonnie the Yorkshire terrier, had met them about 5 months ago at the boat club, they were working on their boat getting it ready to move on and can you believe it they moved on the same day as us..good luck to you both.
We have been back to the house too many times!!!! but alas there's stuff to sort out and throw out and we can't wait for it all to be done but eventually that will happen.
At Anderton we met a couple who have been aboard for 2 years and taking it very slowly, thats the way, up to ripon via the rochdale and back down...7 months, how cool is that.
Hoping for our first visitors tomorrow, my eldest son and his partner its his birthday tomorrow so were going for a meal...catch up again soon.. x


  1. Hiya Lois, just read your blog, I didn't realise you were on the Weaver! So your not a million miles away then! We did the Weaver 2 years ago and loved it. Your house will soon be sorted, I felt liberated when I chucked out all the stuff I had been hoarding in the house and never used! I have been afloat 6 years now and not once missed all the stuff I got rid of!

    Enjoy your Son's Birthday, have fun!


  2. Tanks Debbie, just been catching up on my Blog...as you can see it has been an adventure at times...