Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Hi everyone, thanks for coming back. It's been almost a month since my last post and it's been busy.
Just after my last blog some young lads decided to set fire to the bank just ahead of us so we set off, me with jug in hand to put it out......If you could have seen me trying to reach the water at the side of the river bank with my jug you would have fallen in laughing. Not only that but the effort of getting down the bank, getting the water and climbing back up was rediculous with so little water so i tried throwing it from the waters edge, ha will say no more.....Fire out, we decided to move..didn't want to die in a burning boat and as the offenders were almost obviousley the young men messing about in the launch that had moored behind us we changed our mooring to Anderton.
That in itself wasn't a good exprience as it was dark and Tim took the boat along the rver whilst Kal and i drove the car to Anderton, still needed for work at the weekends.
Once parked we had to find our way from near the car park to the river and as we hadn't been through the paths before that wasn't easy especially a it was now dark and scarey.
We entered the park and once about 300yds in there were some youths gathered, we passed them and i prayed that they didnt follow us and at the same time felt we were in a very dangerous situation. Luckily nothing horrible happened and we reached the bank and waited for Tim to was such a relief to see the boat coming.

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