Monday, 4 January 2010

The Next Step

With the holiday over and the intention having been to sell the house buy a boat and move onto the water we were at a loss....we decided to go boat hunting again and viewed many but none fell into our needs so the next thing was to have one built to our own spec.. We visited a few boat builders but chose Garry at Orchard Marine at the same time we kept looking at ones for sale for ideas..

it was during a visit to Harral Brokerage that they showed us a boat called peregrine, again out of our price range but had 2 seperate fixed doubles. It was a dream, so light and airy. One downfall was of course the length, 65ft, which meant missing out on a couple of canals but to not have to sacrifice the dinette for a bedroom seemed more important.

She was 2 yrs old but never been used as the owners had meoved abroad whilst she was being built only never to return due to ill health.

We went home to think about it and as you can guess we were very excited.

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  1. Hi Lois, great to here from you! Your right it is a small world. It was great to see Sue and her family on Nb Cosy Toes, they stopped for a cuppa on the way back from Liverpool.

    Thanks for reading my blog, I have just read yours and become a " follower ". Look forward to reading your new posts. Hopefully we will pass each other on the cut one day. Take care Debbie.