Monday, 4 January 2010

Ruby Tuesday..the big test.

Well October came and we were all ready, Kal was going on an adventure week with PGL so we dropped him off and the next day went to Claymore to pick up Ruby Tuesday. The only downfall was that we had to come back to base on the thursday and go to work from the boat thurs and Fri but we were still ever so excited.

With all the checks done we headed off with one of the lads through preston Brook tunnel. I steered and managed to get through without crashing!!!
At the other end he left us and we were away.......

Throughout the week we travelled to Middlewhich and back for thursday and work..
it rained all day every day and was freezing through the night...the ropes were frozen every morning...the batteries wouldn't start the heating and we were drenched all day, so much so that we bought better waterproofs when we reached northwhich.
We had to boil the kettle to pour on the ropes each morning and i went flying on ice as i jumped off the boat one evening..flat on my back.. We found that we were shattered, bed called us at 9PM! but i must say we were up earlier than normal.

Saying all that we had the best holiday we have ever had and we never stopped didn't matter what was thrown at us it was great.

We met some lovely people saw some lovley places and had a drink in a couple of pubs.
The only sad bit was handing Ruby back, she felt like our boat so we left with our hearts aching..

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