Monday, 4 January 2010

test the water

Well we first stepped onto a narrowboat at Venetian Marina Nr Nantwich. Sue was wonderful, we hadn't a clue what we needed as a liveaboard. The first thing we knew we did want was one with 2 bedrooms in that we meant 2 doubles as kal was going to grow and as an every day occurance we didn't feel that a single would be good enough, and though there isn't a lot of it, he need his own space.

The first boat we saw was quite scary, it was old dark and every space was seperated by a bulkhead. we sat in the lounge area and it just felt wrong, there we were with the wall facing us onlt 4 ft away, obviousley we knew beforehand the internal width but in reality it was a shock. We looked at a few more but then Sue took us to someones on the marina. I think she got the gist of what we were looking for and this one was awesome, well out of our price range at over 90,000 but it was more open plan and so had a totally different feel. Granite worktops, light oak wood etc.

Sue invited us to come back anytime and said its a long journey andwe need to look around.

Once home we were even more convinced and had more of an idea of what we needed with regards to inverter size heating options etc. We had already made our decision to go for it and talked about the house going up for sale.
After sleeping on it, or trying to, in the light of day we decided that if we were going to do this we needed a trial run of more than just a day boat so we booked a boat from Claymore navigation at Preston Brook. We chose their 'luxury' boat RUBY TUESDAY and booked it for the October Half term. we couldnt wait..

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