Monday, 22 March 2010

Life after the Marina

Well it was a little hasty we thought at first as things didn't go to plan and we are still actually in the house nearly 10 months on. We have been moving the now called Maizee around in an official way ever since and it hasn't been as difficult as we thought it would be. We have become members of BMBC Runcorn and met some lovely people, enjoyed their company on there cruises and nights at the club and discovered things i and around Runcorn that we would never have seen if not on the boat. We have had beautiful holidays, only saddened by having to get back and so needing to move on when you want to stay somewhere. I fell in when it was pitch black trying to get to the Ariel I screamed Tiiiiimmmm as i went then quietly said Oh it's ok as i landed on a ledge with the water below my knees!!!!! Did suffer a bad shoulder injury though as i tried to cling onto something and its still troubling me now 7 months on.
We have got a Pram Cover...great... a new wooden floor as the carpet became a mess. A generator, new batteries, new chairs...didn't like green...had the dining area recovered in leather so we can wipe muddy paw pints off, and are just waiting on the price of some welding as in front cratch seats/cupboards, filling in the back of the cruiser deck and having proper doors. and an extra ledge at the back for bikes.
Oh also we got another dog, short haired jack russell and her name is Millie.
Hence the new name MilliMaize.

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