Monday, 22 March 2010

where were up to now.

Well, still the house is for sale, just about getting my second eldest son packed off to his dad's, He's a footballer by the way, plays for Crewe Alexandra. you can google him...Matt Tootle... sorry for the plug...And we have taken the youngest out of school to home teach...that should be a laugh in itself..
WE have been so frustrated at still being here that by the end of this month no matter what we are moving aboard.. I have finished my driving school business and our party business can work alongside living aboard until the house sells. If it hasn't sold by the end of the summer we are going to rent it out and finish work completely at the end of December......Here's to the future.

I would just like to add what a wonderful experience everything has been, even at the worst points the stress isn't anything like in day to day life..talking stress Tim is having an angiogram this Wednesday so I am hoping that will get him sorted though we both think its the tablets causing the problems and if nothing comes of this he is talking about stopping all the tablets and getting on with life

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