Monday, 22 March 2010

Preston Brook Marina

Once we felt calm we changed the boats name to MAIZEE our newly acquired long haired Jack Russell.
We settled in well at the Marina though it was a pain trying to get out. We didn't have a proper mooring and as such were on the wall at the far end and the wind always seemed to be pushing us back towards the wall. We became very good at going backwards as half the time this was the only way we could battle against the wind...on one occasion we were being directed as we moored up, us being the newbies, but unfortunately we were directed straight onto a tyre which kindly wrapped itself around the prop!!!
It took ages to sort out and i must say it was a woman that saved the day!! Me...
Sorry Gents, it just felt so good at the time....
We got onto a pontoon fairly quickly but after 6 months decided we wanted to move onboard and cruise so we left the Marina.

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